You can read more about authentication itself in Modules overview.. For simple authentication usage we recommend html version, which doesn't require any coding from your side. Worth to mention that authentication is simply login/registration part of checkout.

1. Usage

Example of simple overlay checkout trigger.

    displayType: "overlay",
    publisherId: 123456654,
    completed : function(result){}

Example of showing inline checkout inside #my-container element. Also it triggers option for customer to choose offer.

    displayType: "inline",
    containerId: "my-container",
    publisherId: 321123321,
    locale: "fr_FR"
    completed : function(result){}

2. Params

displayType: choose from popup / inline / overlay
containerId: optional for in-line checkout, otherwise ignored. Put the id of dom element inside where you want to put your checkout.
publisherId: (optional - if offerId is not defined)
locale: optional, by default it is detected by Cleeng
completed: as a result you receive detailed information about purchase made

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