loginOnly() is a part of authentication. For simple loginOnly usage we recommend html version, which doesn't require any coding from your side.


Example of simple overlay checkout trigger.

    displayType: "overlay",
    publisherId: 123456654,
    completed : function(result){}

Example of showing inline checkout inside #my-container element. Also it triggers option for customer to choose offer.

    displayType: "inline",
    containerId: "my-container",
    publisherId: 321123321,
    locale: "fr_FR",
    completed : function(result){}


Name Description
displayType choose from popup / inline / overlay
containerId optional for in-line checkout, otherwise ignored. Put the id of dom element inside where you want to put your checkout.
publisherId (optional - if offerId is not defined)
locale optional, by default it is detected by Cleeng
completed as a result you receive detailed information about purchase made

- required parameter

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