Cleeng API Tutorials

You don't know how to start with Cleeng?

Below you can find a bench of useful tutorials with great examples how you can use Cleeng to support your video monetization strategies. Based on underneath tutorials, step-by-step you will learn how to create simple SVOD portal, like this one Cleeng SVOD demo.

Getting started

Understanding the API

  • Main integration points
  • Loading libraries (SDKs)
  • API-Keys
  • Testing your setup
  • Authentication tokens

Create an OTT SVOD application

Within this group of tutorials, you will learn how to create a Netflix-like SVOD solution.
Example of such product prepared by our team you can find here: SVOD demo
Public code repository:

Tutorial 1: SVOD Web application - the base

  • Create a subscription
  • Place a Buy Button on your website
  • Validate access

Tutorial 2: SVOD Native applications

Other Tutorials

  • Tagging & Subscriptions

    Diversify you offer and give your customers unique possibility to subscribe your content or buy a pass. Learn how to use tags and connect your offers with advanced subscription/pass plans.

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