Cleeng API Tutorials

You don't know how to start with Cleeng?

Below you can find a bench of useful tutorials with great examples how you can use Cleeng to support your video monetization strategies. Based on underneath tutorials, step-by-step you will learn how to create simple SVOD portal, like this one Cleeng SVOD demo.

Getting started

Understanding the API

  • Main integration points
  • Loading libraries (SDKs)
  • API-Keys
  • Testing your setup
  • Authentication tokens

Create an OTT SVOD application

Within this group of tutorials, you will learn how to create a Netflix-like SVOD solution.
Example of such product prepared by our team you can find here: SVOD demo
Public code repository:

Tutorial 1: SVOD Web application - the base

  • Create a subscription
  • Place a Buy Button on your website
  • Validate access

Tutorial 2: SVOD Application - Apple Devices

Tutorial 1: How to protect your content with PHP SDK

Learn how to implement our PHP SDK on your website. Learn about the basic usage of PHP SDK and protecting your content.

Tutorial 2: How to create offers

Check out how to create basic offers and implement them on your website. Basically, after you go through this tutorial you are ready to monetize your content. It is that easy! :)

Tutorial 3: How to use Cleeng Sandbox

If you want to test and develop Cleeng without transfering real money, use Sandbox. In this tutorial you gonna learn how to implement Sandbox and finish purchase for free.

Tutorial 4: Manage your offers

Let's have more fun with offers. Learn how to display, update or remove offers. How to add special functionalities or motivate users to share your content to others.

Tutorial 5: Load content async

To significantly improve the user experience - the content that is sold should be loaded asyncronous. This tutorial shows how to reveal purchased content using AJAX.

Tutorial 6: Tagging & Subscriptions

Diversify you offer and give your customers unique possibility to subscribe your content or buy a pass. Learn how to use tags and connect your offers with advanced subscription/pass plans.