A user's entitlement controls their access to content (their right to view videos). This section shows how to find a user's entitlement. Note: To check access to a particular offer for a single country, including a suffix like "_US" in the offer ID. To check access to an offer in any country, do not include a country suffix.

The steps are,

Enter the following information into your app:

  • The Customer Token
  • The ID of the offer you want to check access for.
  • The app sends data to the middleware.
  • The middleware uses the getAccessStatus() method.
  • If the method is successful, the middleware returns the information to the application. You receive the following information about the user's access to the given offer:
    • whether they have access
  • the method of granting access to the customer
  • the expiration date of their access to the offer.

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