Cleeng SDK & Device support

Delivering your premium OTT video accross the web requires you to deliver an optimal user flow on many different devices, from mobile phones and tablets, to desktop and laptops as well as Roku, tvOS and Smart TVs. Each device has its own opportunities and constrains. Cleeng provides the open source tools to smartly develop your OTT technology strategy against the Cleeng API. In this section you find best practise example integrations, code snippets and recommendations for those different devices.

Our general advice is to start your OTT strategy with a robust web-application, before you deploy native applications. This way you allow every user with an internet connected device to get access to your content. If on top of that you allow your web-player to support casting tools like Chromecast and Apple Airplay you do allow to watch on the big screen without much additional effort.

If you do have a strategy to support multiple native devices we highly recommend to take a middle-ware layer for operational, maintenance and security reasons.

This is the list of the devices and supported open source SDKs that are supported by Cleeng:


Cleeng PHP SDK is a wrapper library that allows accessing Cleeng API in convenient, object oriented way. In this section you can read how to download, install and use Cleeng PHP SDK.

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Dedicated library for Java. Java is often used in middle-ware and this SDK contains all of the methods required to simplify the integration with Cleeng for your native applications.

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Apple iOS

Combine the power of Apple and Cleeng. Increase convertion rate by leveraging in-app payments, while granting access across devices.

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Apple tvOS

Since 2015 Apple TV has opened up, and with their templated approach and Cleeng APIs you can get started without much efforts.

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The most used mobile operating system. Cleeng provides detailed instructions on how to get the best out of your native Android application.

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Cleeng has made a full example application available including "pair-a-device" and entitlement logics.

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If your video streaming platform supports Chromecast, Cleeng will do it as well. No additional developent work required!

Android TV, Smart TVs or other devices

The Cleeng API is based on JSON-RPC protocol, and can be accessed directly without an SDK. Follow one of the tutorials to allow users to authenticate via email and password, or via pair a device to start with.

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