Cleeng Customer API Reference

With Cleeng customer API you can get simple informations about Cleeng customer who is visiting your website and build stronger relationship with him. Also, you can check if current customer have access to your content or count customers who are visiting you offer.

At the bottom of this page you have list of all methods connected with customers.

Customer objects properties

1. Customer

Object returns read-only information about customer.

Big event has been launched
Name Description
id Customer identifier
displayName Name to display: first + last name OR first part from e-mail
firstName Customer firstname
lastNameCustomer lastname
currency Preferred currency of the customer: USD, EUR, GBP
locale Defines language and text formatting for the user. E.g. "en_US", "fr_FR"
country Two letters country symbol, check ISO 3166

2. Access Status

Defines relationship between the customer and an offer. If customer has access, on what terms and when it expires. For simple integration, property accessGranted will be enought.

Name Description
accessGranted Boolean, if customer has access to your content.
grantType The reason why offer is accessible
expiresAt When purchase expires (applies to rentals, subscriptions and passes). Unix time stamp.
socialCommissionUrl Unique URL to share to let customer benefit from social commissions (if enabled in offer). Learn more about social commission.

List of API methods

  1. getCustomer
  2. getAccessStatus
  3. prepareRemoteAuth
  4. generateCustomerToken
  5. updateCustomerEmail
  6. listCustomerSubscriptions
  7. listCustomerLibrary
  8. triggerOfferImpression


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