Returns the information if current visitor has access to selected offer.

CleengApi.getAccessStatus(offerId, callback);

There are two ways of using this method. The first is checking access to one, particular offer for some country like for US (look at the request example).

The second way is to check if the user has access to the offer in any country. To do so, just skip the country tag suffix. For example:

Offer ID WITH the country suffix: S580476507_US
The same offer ID WITHOUT country suffix: S580476507

Note: This method is not secure and should be used only as a helper method. Your integration entitlement validation should be based on server side getAccessStatus method.


Name Type Description
offerId string ID of the offer for which access is checked
callback string function called after popup window is closed (see example below)

- required parameter

Response Parameters:

Name Type Description
accessGranted boolean Information about user's access to given offer
grantType string Information about method granting access for customer
expiresAt integer Expiration date for access to given offer. This value is approximate, parameter accessGranted contains valid information about user's access
purchasedDirectly boolean deprecated


CleengApi.getAccessStatus('S543962233_US', function(result) {
        if (result.accessGranted) {
            alert('You have access to this offer!');


        accessGranted: true,
        grantType: "direct-purchase",
        expiresAt: "1455899791",
        purchasedDirectly: true

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