Use getMultiCurrencyPrice() method to receive detailed information about the offer price based on customer location.


Name Type Description
multiCurrencyOfferId string Offer ID, e.g. A123123123
ipAddress string IP Address of your visitor, e.g.

- required parameter


        "method": "getMultiCurrencyPrice",
        "params": {
            "offerId": "S325990213",
            "ipAddress": ""
        "jsonrpc": "2.0",
        "id": 1


        "result": {
            "offerPrice": 11.9974,
            "offerCurrency": "EUR",
            "offerCurrencySymbol": "\u20ac",
            "offerCountry": "BE",
            "customerPriceInclTax": 12.1974,
            "customerPriceExclTax": 9.9174,
            "customerCurrency": "EUR",
            "customerCurrencySymbol": "\u20ac",
            "customerCountry": "FR",
            "offerId": "S325990213_FR"
        "id": "1",
        "error": null,
        "jsonrpc": "2.0"

Remember! you can always check it by yourself using API Console - getMultiCurrencyPrice()

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