Cleeng Rental Offer API Reference

Rental offers have specific period when user has access to content.

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Rental Offer object properties

Name Description
id Offer identifier
publisherEmail Email to offer owner. Can be set to associate e-mail address by distributor.
url Url to you content.
title Title of the offer. Up to 70 chars
description Define a short, but powerful sales message about this offer. Up to 110 chars
price Offer price (in publisher's currency) ,from 0.15 up to 99.99
applicableTaxRate VAT rate
period Amount of time after which purchase will expire (in hours)
currency Offer currency same as publisher's currency. Can be changed from my account setting
socialCommissionRate Learn more about social commission at Cleeng Blog
contentType Choose type from: article / video / download / image
contentExternalId This parameter is for your own usage. You can put here id of article or video, anything what can make your offer clearer for you. Up to 50 chars.
contentExternalData If you want to store a few extra elements related to the sale you can use this string to store additional data. Up to 4kb chars.
contentAgeRestriction The minimum age for which it is intended contents offer.
tags Tags attached to offer. Read more.
averageRating From 1 to 5
active If the offer is able to buy, to deactivate offer use deactivateRentalOffer method
createdAt unix timestamp
updatedAt unix timestamp

List of API methods

  1. Function Reference
    1. getRentalOffer
    2. listRentalOffers
    3. createRentalOffer
    4. updateRentalOffer
    5. deactivateRentalOffer
    6. createMultiCurrencyRentalOffer
    7. updateRentalMultiCurrencyOffer

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