Cleeng Subscription API Reference

After purchasing subscription offer, user has access to any offer with tag you set in accessToTags array, customer will be billed based on the recurring option provided (period parameter). Customer has ability to cancel the subscription anytime in Cleeng account settings.

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Subscription Offer object properties

Name Description
id Offer identifier
publisherEmail E-mail to offer owner. Can be set to associate e-mail address by distributor.
title Your offer title. Up to 70 chars
description Define a short, but powerful sales message about this offer. Up to 110 chars
period Choose your subscription plan: day, week, 2weeks, month, 3months, 6months, year
price Float, from 1.49
applicableTaxRate VAT rate
currency Offer currency same as publisher's currency. Can be changed from my account setting
accessToTags To which tags customer has access. Multiple tags are defined as "OR" (not "AND"). Set "(all)" if you want to give access to all of your offers.
active if the offer is able to buy, to deactivate offer use deactivateSubscriptionOffer method
createdAt unix timestamp
updatedAt unix timestamp

List of Subscriptions API methods

  1. getSubscriptionOffer
  2. listSubscriptionOffers
  3. createSubscriptionOffer
  4. updateSubscriptionOffer
  5. deactivateSubscriptionOffer
  6. createMultiCurrencySubscriptionOffer
  7. updateMultiCurrencySubscriptionOffer


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