Switch subscription

This endpoint is used to upgrade or downgrade a subscription to another subscription plan.


Error codeExplanation
VALIDATION_ERRORGeneral input validation error. Details about error will be returned in message field in the response.
PAYMENT_GATEWAY_NOT_SUPPORTEDThe customer’s subscription was purchased with a payment gateway that is not supported by switch functionality.
Following payment gateways are supported:
- Adyen
- Paypal
- Bambora
- Moneris
- Stripe
RECURRING_PROCESS_ALREADY_STARTEDThe customer's subscription is currently during the recurring payment process. Once a new billing cycle begins it will be possible to use switch functionality.
ALREADY_HAS_ACCESSThe customer already has an active subscription to the target offer.
TO_OFFER_COUNTRY_NOT_ALLOWEDTarget offer is not accessible in the customer's country. Possible when geo-restriction was enabled on the target offer.
TO_FREE_OFFER_NOT_ALLOWEDSwitch functionality is not supported for offers with price 0.
SWITCH_NOT_DEFINED_IN_SWITCH_SETTINGSSubscription switch between the two given offers was not defined as possible in the dashboard.
SUBSCRIPTION_WITH_COUPON_NOT_ALLOWEDSwitch functionality is not suported for a subscription with a coupon applied.
SAME_TARGET_OFFERThe target offer is the same as the current offer.
SWITCH_IN_PROGRESSThe customer’s subscription is currently undergoing the switch to another one - the processing has already started.
OFFER_INACTIVEThe target offer is inactive.
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