Getting started

Host URL

Access to API

In order to proceed with MediaStore Cleeng API, you must have Cleeng Core.

SDK Components

MediaStore SDK components are hosted in Github. It consists of components that will empower you to build and design a seamless checkout process, help visitors become subscribers, and then allow them to manage their subscriptions.

What will be needed?

Go through prerequisites section to set up everything that you will need.


Some of the endpoints require authorization with JWT.

JWT contains customerId, publisherId, and expiration date (it is valid for 15 minutes).

You can decode JWT using packages like jwt-decode or you can also use online decoder like

For more information, see Authorisation.

How to get?
JWT is returned after successful registration and login.

How to use?
Add a header while requesting to protected endpoints.

  Authorization: "Bearer eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJvZmZlcklkIjoiUzg3NzM2NTgyMF9aVyJ9.dUn9mer-5srDEtSrDnVxM44hdZk1NHHZBM-gNYWJbCelN2LlwG8ynAk5qMzBOWiKtdZYZTxJnJGB1xsme2Gz8-9xgFhsNjxP8MRSpfGwyJ3etQ6ZJ6aqBYM7_re6I9-4OonjKE6Q4IOKBJzEviAD7NBuKOoMmzGeceCilMq0PJexN1aYSemkLNFB9fptAMq9eAqBDMczDN7PBNQCvAQFvfoHaefZMerlNk-tohw-wc_BTGrYXQpwx88uZL59rDfkfxw7M28zxwkZj5W7OZu-_LM_T9Fgirvv1tA-NUbS9KyqHhOe4QcI1b3z9g-0MwVIsLPxL47NxXZhn7S7DKDlDQ"