Cleeng is a subscription retention platform that helps you to build your OTT business and to provide a seamless user experience.

By taking care of the full subscriber journey, from the initial registration and transaction to creating exceptional identity management, recurring billing, security, customer care experiences, and win back - Cleeng is a truly one-stop solution.

Core Concepts

The following concepts are important to have an overview of Cleeng's offer:

  • ChurnIQ 2.0 Analytics - ChurnIQ™ 2.0 is a customer retention data platform designed for subscription businesses. It is built to centralise the key events in the subscriber lifecycle in one place, a place we call the Retention Journey. It's aim is to maximize your ability to track and influence your conversion, retention, and growth performance. For more information see ChurnIQ 2.0
  • Identity management - This component comprises:
    • the registration of new customers (including consents management) (see Registration)
    • login of the returning ones (see Login)
    • the ability to reset a password when the end-user forgets it (see Forgot Password)
    • Cleeng Capture - an amazing feature that will help you understand your viewers through building customer profiles (see Cleeng Capture).
  • Checkout implementation - Cleeng offers a smooth checkout experience enhanced by customization options and takes care of payment processing.

    • Payments with Cleeng MoR - We recommend going with Cleeng being MoR ( Merchant of RecordsMerchant of Records - A merchant of record (MoR) is an entity that is authorized, and held liable, by a financial institution to process consumer’s credit card and debit transactions on your behalf. Beyond accepting payments, a MoR also ensures your business is compliant with tax laws (local and global) and maintains relationships with financial institutions. ), as it will reduce the huge burden of you building a payment connector from scratch. With Cleeng being MoR, you get to choose among the two market-leading payment providers Adyen (see Adyen Payment Setup and PayPal (see PayPal Payment Setup ) to process web transactions. All it takes to call exact methods to process the payments and the rest will be handled at Cleeng backend.

    • Coupons - It's no secret that viewers like promotions, they like to get discounts or coupon codes. Cleeng's coupon campaigns allow you to offer an effective small advertisement that will help you attract more viewers, increase sales and improve customer retention.

  • My Account - My Account is a solution for viewers to manage their subscriptions by performing different actions like changing or updating their plans, updating payment methods, updating profile details, and managing consents.

  • In-App Integrations - Cleeng supports In-App integrations, such iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon FireTV. Viewers can purchase access to your video content directly from inside your native applications. It ensures a seamless checkout experience without being redirected to the web. For more information see:

Getting Started with SDK

Cleeng PHP SDK - Cleeng PHP SDK is a wrapper library that allows you to access Cleeng API in a convenient, object-oriented way. For more information on how to download, install and use it please see Cleeng PHP SDK

Cleeng JAVA SDK - It is a wrapper library that allows you to access Cleeng API in a convenient, object-oriented way. For more information please see Cleeng JAVA SDK

Cleeng Sandbox

The Cleeng Sandbox is a testing environment that allows you to know the main functionalities of Cleeng's production environment. It is also an environment designed to test implementations and functions.
A few key notes:

  • functions in and are the same
  • the sandbox is a separated environment with isolated database
  • your account details, offers, api-keys and transactions are different from your official account
  • the sandbox checkout allows you to apply fake credit cards details in the checkout
  • you can fully play around and try out things, without messing up your main account and your reporting.

In order to use the sandbox you first need to register a new sandbox account and use the API key as provided in the dashboard of the sandbox environment.

If you develop in PHP, and you have loaded the Cleeng PHP SDK you can enable the Sandbox with the following commands:

$cleengApi = new Cleeng_Api();

The card details that you can use for testing are:

Card number: 5555 4444 3333 1111
Card name: any
Card date: 03 / 2030
CVC: 737



When you start to work on your integration you might want to understand the exact responses from the API first.

For Medistore SDK, you can use the new API Console

For JSON RPC, You can use the old API console.

User Reference

Our existing clients have integrated MediaStore SDKMediaStore SDK - MediaStore SDK consists of components that will empower you to build and design a seamless checkout process, help visitors become subscribers, and then allow you to manage their subscription to your service in an intuitive and trusted manner. into their solutions to improve conversion.
If you would like to have a glimpse at those, please click through the links below:

Get Started

To start with the frictionless checkout experience, refer to guides for Mediastore SDK,

In case of payment setup, refer to the checkout implementation section,

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