Fetch available switches

This endpoint returns all available offers to which a customer can switch from the current subscription in available array. Offers to which customer can't switch are returned in unavailable array with the reason why the switch is not possible.

Possible unavailability reasons

CodePossible message
PAYMENT_GATEWAY_NOT_SUPPORTEDThe customer’s subscription was purchased with a payment gateway that is not supported by switch functionality.
The following payment gateways are supported:
- Adyen
- Paypal
RECURRING_PROCESS_ALREADY_STARTEDThe customer's subscription is currently during the recurring payment process. Once a new billing cycle begins it will be possible to use switch functionality.
ALREADY_HAS_ACCESSThe customer already has an active subscription to the target offer.
TO_OFFER_COUNTRY_NOT_ALLOWEDTarget offer is not accessible in the customer's country. Possible when geo-restriction was enabled on the target offer.
TO_FREE_OFFER_NOT_ALLOWEDSwitch functionality is not supported for offers with price 0.
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