Getting Started With In-App API [Beta]



Please note that it is Beta phase.

This page will help you get started with our brand new In-App Payments API that is used to validate purchases on mobile and TV apps.

Currently, it can be used to validate purchases made via:

Base URL


In-App API accepts either a publisher (X-Publisher-Token) or JWT (Bearer) token for authorization.

Depending on how you integrate with Cleeng, you will use different authorization: a publisher token will be used for integrations through middleware, while a JWT - for direct integrations. Please make sure to use the one that matches your integration.

To get your publisher token (broadcaster token), go to the Cleeng Dashboard > Admin & Tools > API Keys.

If you are using our MediaStore API, you can get a JWT from Login or SSO endpoint.


Please also note that for the sake of this documentation - to demonstrate parameters and to be able to try out API endpoints - JWT authorization is enabled.

So whenever you want to try out a purchase validation endpoint in the API Console here - this will require using JWT (Bearer) token for authorization.