Use /auths endpoint to log in the user. Customer authorization is based on JWT, which contains customerId, publisherId and expiration date.

There are two ways of login, by offerId (if a customer has already chosen an offer) or by publisherId (in case a customer will choose an offer after authorization).

Response description

jwtToken used for authorization. It is required for endpoints related to customers. JWT is valid for 15 minutes. It includes customerId, publisherId, and expiration date (to decode use package like jwt-decode).
refreshTokenA token to generate a new access JWT. Read more about refresh token HERE.
customerTokenSession/authentication token for JSON RPC API.
customerIdCustomer identifier at Cleeng.



It is recommended that customerIP is passed as it is required for correct price calculation because tax rate depends on the country. If customerIP is NOT given, the price will be calculated for request source IP address.

Please note that when using Cleeng Merchant, customerIP should be available for the purpose of proper tax calculation in the US and Canada. It is recommended that customerIP is passed in the register, login, and create order methods.

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