JSON-RPC API is deprecated.

Returns for a user the entitlement of a specific offer. It answers the question if you should load and display the premium content for a given subscriber.

For security reasons, this validation needs to happen server-side. The response of this method (true or false) defines if you can show the premium content. Mostly it defines the page or application to return via two different versions:

  • Users who cannot see the content as a visitor is new on your website or the subscription expired (getAccessStatus returns false)
  • Users who can see the content as a visitor has an active subscription (getAccessStatus returns true)

There are two ways of using this method. The first is checking access to one, particular offer for some country like for the US (look at the request example).

The second way is to check if the user has access to the offer in any country. To do so, just skip the country tag suffix. For example:

Offer ID WITH the country suffix:


The same offer ID WITHOUT country suffix:


Entitlement checks are used as a base for reporting. You can see the recommended approach to using the entitlement methods here.


customerToken* stringToken that identifies the customer, read more in Must know about API section
offerId* stringID of the offer for which access is checked
ipAddressstringIn order to prevent using the offer from too many devices, there's a limit of 4 IP addresses per user. A single address is marked by used for 3 hours. That means, that if the user used too many devices and an IP address was blacklisted, after 3 hours it will be available again if some other IP address expires

Result Parameters

accessGrantedbooleanInformation about user's access to given offer
grantTypestringInformation about method granting access for customer
expiresAtintegerExpiration date for access to given offer. This value is approximate, parameter accessGranted contains valid information about user's access

API Request/Response


   "method": "getAccessStatus",    
     "params": {    
       "customerToken": "GeO3HV8Zmf4o4ID6QPBwRDghN9MXGiOLekgmXlKW-yJWpN-j",   
       "offerId": "S580476507_US",   
       "ipAddress": ""    
     "jsonrpc": "2.0",    
     "id": 1    


  "result": {    
    "accessGranted": true,    
    "grantType": "direct-purchase",    
    "expiresAt": null,    
    "purchasedDirectly": true
  "id": "1",    
  "error": null,    
  "jsonrpc": "2.0"    

PHP Example

    $offerId = 'S580476507_PL';

    $cleengApi =  new Cleeng_Api();

    $offerAccess = $cleengApi->getAccessStatus($offerId);

    if($offerAccess->accessGranted) {
    //user has access to the content. Put your content here,
    } else {
    //user has no access, show 'Buy' button. Read more in Tutorial 1 - Protect you content


1Invalid customer token
4Offer not found
14IP address limit exceed
16Invalid arguments