Webhook settings

To configure webhooks:
Make an API call: PUT https://api.sandbox.cleeng.com/3.1/webhook_subscriptions/{topic}

Replace {topic} with the topic you want to subscribe to (i.e. the event you want to be notified about), e.g. subscriptionReadyForPaymentAuthorisation. A topic identifies what event has occurred in the Cleeng system.

Provide a list of endpoints to which notifications should be delivered.
For Adyen and PayPal, use the appropriate URL of Adyen or PayPal connector (you can check them here).

No matter what connector you choose, you should apply the webhook filtering logic - filtering by paymentMethodId. This allows you to differentiate transactions coming from the respective connectors for reporting purposes.

NOTE: You have to repeat the configuration steps for each required topic.

WARNING: Be careful not to override the webhooks you have already subscribed to as the PUT method creates a new resource or replaces a representation of the target resource with the request message payload.


Use case!

Let's pretend that you want to use Cleeng Adyen and PayPal connector:

  • set topic to: subscriptionReadyForPaymentAuthorisation
  • add in body:
    • URL of Adyen connector + filtering by paymentMethodId (with your paymentMethodId related with Adyen)
    • URL of PayPal connector + filtering by paymentMethodId (with your paymentMethodId related with PayPal)
  • repeat steps for topic subscriptionReadyForPaymentCapture, subscriptionReadyForTermination and refundPayment
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