JSON-RPC API is deprecated.

Returns information about a logged in user's access to offer, based on the used device.

Entitlement checks are used as a base for reporting. You can see the recommended approach to using the entitlement methods here.


customerToken*stringToken that identifies the customer, read more in Must know about API section.
offerId*stringSet offerId and check if customer has access to the offer.
deviceId*stringIn order to prevent using the offer from too many devices, there's a limit of 3 device IDs per user. A single ID is marked by used for 3 hours. That means, that if the user used too many devices and a device ID was blacklisted, after 3 hours it will be available again if some other device ID expires.
deviceType*stringDevice type, e.g. 'roku'

API Request/Response


   "method": "getAccessStatusForDevice",
     "params": {
       "customerToken": "GeO3HV8Zmf4o4ID6QPBwRDghN9MXGiOLekgmXlKW-yJWpN-j",
       "offerId": "S580476507_US",
       "deviceId": "your_device_unique_id",
        "deviceType": "name_of_device_you_integrate_with"
    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "id": 1


  "result": {
    "accessGranted": true,
    "grantType": "direct-purchase",
    "expiresAt": null,
    "socialCommissionUrl": null
  "id": "1",
  "error": null,
  "jsonrpc": "2.0"

PHP Example

    $offerId = 'S580476507_PL';

    $cleengApi =  new Cleeng_Api();

    $offerAccess = $cleengApi->getAccessStatusForDevice($offerId, 'device_unique_id', 'roku');

    if($offerAccess->accessGranted) {
    //user has access to the content. Put your content here,
    } else {
    //user has no access, show 'Buy' button. Read more in Tutorial 1 - Protect you content