Dunning actions

Dunning is the process of retrying payment attempts and sending payment reminders to customers when a payment gets rejected. With Cleeng you can configure payment retries at intervals to ensure payment will be recovered and subscription can continue its cycles. Cleeng allows to setup retries and notifications in terms of subscription due to date, they can be set before and after up to what is your retries strategy. Cleeng as default gives you a smart retries setup that can guarantee an efficient recovery process.

Setup introduction
You can setup dunning actions based on the offer types your service provides. For each offer type configure payment attempts so to receive events in provided timeframes. Your endpoint should listen to the subscriptionReadyForPaymentCapture or/and subscriptionReadyForPaymentAuthorisation event. To make sure it will be sent to a proper endpoint, please register in the Cleeng Webhooks Service.

Grace period
Grace period allows you to keep the subscription active after due to date. It gives an additional time to process payments before it terminates.

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