API Reference Overview

Welcome to the Cleeng API Reference! This is the right place if you want to build your ideal platform with an open API infrastructure. You’ll be able to seamlessly integrate identity, entitlement and billing functionality.

Our API Reference explains how to use the API to perform different operations: here you will find all the information you might need about endpoints, methods, requests and responses, parameters, fields and values.

For your convenience, this guide is divided into types of API. It documents the following:

  • MediaStore API - it is the latest Cleeng API organized around REST. It uses JWT as an authorization token. You can use it to build checkout and my account. This API is end-user-oriented. For more information see Getting started.


Mediastore SDK Components

You can find the SDK here. It consists of components that will empower you to build and design a seamless checkout process, help visitors become subscribers, and then allow them to manage their subscriptions.

  • API 3.1 - it is also REST API. It's authorized by ‘publisherToken’ in the header. If you'd like to find out more, please visit Getting started.

  • JSON RPC - this API is deprecated. It is a backend API: it's authorized by publisherToken. It is mainly used to manage: offers, publisher’s account and customers. For more information see Getting Started With JSON-RPC.

API Use Cases

We recommend using our MediaStore APIs which are constantly developed.

Please note that JSON RPC is deprecated.

See the guide below on API usage:

FunctionArchitectural setupRecommended APIDevices
Identity ManagementWith/without MiddlewareMediaStoreWeb & native Apps
My AccountWith/without MiddlewareMediaStoreWeb & native Apps
Checkout Implementation - webWith/without MiddlewareMediaStoreWeb
Payment configuration, webhooks and connectorsN/A3.1Web
Checkout implementation - native appsWith/without MiddlewareMediaStore (& obviously store SDKs from Apple, Android, etc.)Native apps
EntitlementsWith/without MiddlewareMediaStoreWeb & native Apps
SSO IntegrationConfiguration with Middleware - if external identity provider applicable3.1 or MediaStore SDK. Depending on the use case. To learn more, contact usWeb & native Apps
Price / Product /Offer ManagementWith/without Middleware3.1 or setup via DashboardN/A

API Reference Organization

Each type of API is organized around core functions, so you will find them on the left followed by a list of endpoints below. You can also use the Search function at the top on the right to check and find out details of each method.

Within our API Reference, you can send test requests and view responses. You can also view the code for the request in various languages such as Node, Ruby, JavaScript and Python.

API Updates

We develop APIs to meet the needs of our customers. For more information on recent API updates, visit our Release Notes page.