Payment with Adyen [Legacy]

Use /connectors/adyen/payments endpoint to perform payment with Adyen. A customer uses a card for such payment.

This is a legacy endpoint. For new integrations, please use /connectors/adyen/initial-payment (see Adyen Payment Setup for more information). For legacy integrations, please see the migration guide.

If your client application is ready, the card details that you can use for testing are:

Card number: 5555 4444 3333 1111
Card name: any
Card date: 03 / 2030
CVC: 737

For more test card numbers, please refer to Adyen documentation.

If you would like to test this API call but your client-side integration is not ready yet, add a prefix of test_ to the test card credentials, like in the sample below.

  "orderId": 123456789,
  "customerIP": "",
  "card": {
    "type": "scheme",
    "encryptedCardNumber": "test_5555555555554444",
    "encryptedExpiryMonth": "test_03",
    "encryptedExpiryYear": "test_2030",
    "encryptedSecurityCode": "test_737",
    "holderName": "T Cook"
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