Use this method and change the existing offer. Read more about all types of offers here. If the property is omitted, it won't be updated.



This API is no longer supported for offers with localized versions. If you would like to create or modify an offer with localizations, you can do so directly in the Cleeng dashboard.


publisherToken*stringYou can find your publisher token at api-keys page.
offerId*stringSet identifier of the offer you want to update. You have to be owner.
offerDataobjectAll data describing new offer.
-price*floatOffer price, value between 5 and 99.99
-currency*stringChoose one: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, NZD, SEK, DKK, NOK, TRL, ZAR, XOF. Default, publisher currency.
-titlestringTitle of the event offer, up to 70 chars.
-urlstringUrl to your event.
-startTime*integerTimestamp, when your event starts
-endTime*integerTimestamp, when your event ends
-timeZone*stringFull list of available timezones
-videoId*stringLink offer with unique video asset id
-viewerEstimate*intTo allocate the appropriate support staff for the event, please provide best estimate on the viewership
1 = up to 1000 (default)
2 = 1000 -2000
3 = 2000 -5000
4 = 5000 -10000
5 = more than 10000
*-teaser *stringMaximum 150 chars.
-applyServiceFeeOnCustomer*booleanBe default, service fee is charged from publisher
-tags*arrayTags attached to offer.
-geoRestrictionEnabled*boolSet "true" to enable geo-restriction on this offer
-geoRestrictionType*stringChoose type of geo-restriction: whitelist / blacklist
-geoRestrictionCountries*arrayBased on geoRestrictionType, set the array of whitelisted/blacklisted countries.
-youtubePreviewVideoId*stringYoutube video ID for configured preview.