Add Adyen payment details [Legacy]

Use this method to add Adyen payment details, so that new payment details can be used for recurring payments.

Example use cases: a customer updates a card or wants to switch payment method to a card. For more information, see the docs.

This is a legacy endpoint. For new integrations, please use /connectors/adyen/payment-details (see Adyen Payment Setup for more information). For legacy integrations, please see the migration guide.

Body example

  "paymentMethodId": 123456789,
  "customerIP": "",
  "card": {
    "type": "scheme",
    "encryptedCardNumber": "adyenjs_0_1_25...",
    "encryptedExpiryMonth": "adyenjs_0_1_12..",
    "encryptedExpiryYear": "adyenjs_0_1_09...",
    "encryptedSecurityCode": "adyenjs_0_1_34..."
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