Dunning action settings

Dunning actions settings specify when Cleeng should emit the events mentioned in the Webhooks section. They must be set up for all your payment method Ids and all subscription cycle durations (weekly, monthly, 3-months, 6-months, annual).
You can set them up by calling this endpoint.

Let’s imagine you have 2 payment methods 123 and 456. You offer your subscribers 2 types of subscription monthly and annual. In this case to you would have to create settings for the following method-cycle combinations:

  • payment method 123 and cycle monthly
  • payment method 123 and cycle annual
  • payment method 456 and cycle monthly
  • payment method 456 and cycle annual


This minimal configuration will suffice, but we strongly suggest creating dunning action settings for all the supported cycle durations, as it is easy to forget to create this setting when a subscription with a previously unsupported cycle is added.


Important for PayPal

Dunning actions settings for PayPal payment method require the authorizedFirst property to be set to true.

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By now, we believe all the necessary configuration has been completed including configuring webhooks. If not, please refer back to

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