Quick Start - MediaStore SDK

We provide the MediaStore SDK for all merchant clients that enables the developers, to build, customise a frictionless checkout experience to engage their users.

This guide will show you how to install the MediaStore SDK and set up the offers in the dashboard to start building your beautiful checkout experience in less than ten minutes.

Step 1: Install the SDK

You can find the SDK here. It consists of components that will empower you to build and design a seamless checkout process, help visitors become subscribers, and then allow them to manage their subscription.

You can check our live demo app here.

Step 2: Create a Cleeng account

Create a Cleeng account for your production setup and Cleeng sandbox account for testing.

  • Your sandbox account will be useful to control and test your integration. For example, if you register a customer check if he/she is in the customer list in the Dashboard.
  • Cleeng account is for collecting real data from your production version of the app.

Step 3: Create your API Key

Create your API key in the Admin & Tools section > API Keys

Step 4: Create Publisher Token

Here is your publisherIdpublisherId - Publisher identification in Cleeng. This value can be exposed to public, it will not allow sensitive data access. and publisherTokenpublisherToken - publisherToken is used to merchant authentication by most of the Cleeng API. Publisher token is used to create and update offers, as well as gives access to other e-commerce functions (like reporting). Never expose your publisherToken to the public. It will allow price updates and other sensitive data access. , you will need it later.

Step 5: Create an Offer

Create an offer in the Offers & Coupons section > Subscription Offers.

MediaStore supports subscriptions, season passes, PPV, and VOD offers.

Step 6: Offer ID

When you click the "Save" button to save your offer, in the next screen that appears, click the "Code" button (marked with "1" in the screen below).
This will display a pop-up with your offerIdofferId - Offer identification in Cleeng. Each offer (subscription, season pass, VOD, live event) has his own offerId. for the created subscription (marked with "2" in the screen below).
You will need offerID later.

Step 7: Create your app

By now, you have installed the SDK and completed the basic configuration to create your own app.

Go ahead, and start creating your own app or you can copy the template provided in the MediaStore documentation.

If you are copying, you can modify the app depending on your needs. But also note a few important points to remember:

  • After running the app, remember to pass offer and publisher ID as query params, eg. http://localhost:3003/login?offer=S279420927_PL&publisher=384784683.
    The app won't work if you don't pass these params.
  • Register a new end-user in the app, to see the checkout page.
  • Once the end-user has been registered, please log in as the end-user and go to /my-account to view the My Account module.


Note: You will need GitHub account to sync the libraries

Step 8: Setting up the recurring billing

We are almost there to be completed to process our first payment transaction.
In order to receive and process the payments, we need to configure the below settings to get the recurring billing in place.

Please set up both topics respectively to complete the requirements for a frictionless checkout experience.

Up Next

Congratulations, with completing the 8 steps, we are fully configured to start building the checkout experience.

Let's start with Identity Management

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Quick Start - MediaStore SDK

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