Server Side Messages

Message - OK

This message is sent by Simultaneous Session Control mechanism in response to Message - REQUESTED. If the database contains a session with id encoded in JWT token from Initiate Session, the server responds with OK. If sessions could not be found in the database, Message - EXPIRED is sent.

{ action: OK }


This message is sent by the server in order to close a connection that should no longer be active. For example, when a client application connects after network failure TERMINATE message will be sent to the old connection to ensure there is exactly one connection per session.

{ action: "TERMINATE" }

Message - TAKE_OVER

This message is sent by the server when one of the sessions takes over another session. It allows the client application to display a corresponding error. It passes the session name of the new session so that the consumer application can display it in UI.

{ action: "TAKE_OVER", sessionName: "New Session Name" }

Message - PING

This message is sent by the server in order to find not responding connections. Upon a new session creation, the Simultaneous Session Control mechanism sends a PING message to all sessions in the database.

{ action: "PING" }

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