Payment-free Setup

By now, you should display the offer properly. If not, read our tutorial about Offer Display.

Purchase without payment details

There are two options to give access to offer without payment details provided:

  • offer with 100% coupon code
  • free offers


Please bear in mind that in both cases you need to provide order with paymentMethodId defined. In both cases, it doesn't matter which paymentMethodId you will use, just pick one of yours.

100% coupon code

There is an option to set up a campaign with 100% discount coupon codes but without the need to fill in payment details.


Offer with 100% coupon code - MediaStore SDK

In such cases use method /payments to process the payment. The customer will have access to the content.

Please note that recurring with charge won't take place if a customer does not add payment details. The customer will receive an email with an explanation that adding payment details is mandatory to keep access to content. The email may look like in this screenshot:


Example email - MediaStore SDK


Purchase with 100% coupon code flowchart

One-click coupons

During your email campaign, if you want to redirect the end-user from email to your checkout with the coupon code automatically applied, you will have to follow the below steps:

Depending on the implementation you can:

  • pass coupon during order creation using couponCode body parameter in the create order request, or
  • update a previously created order with update an order request.

The difference between the two lies in handling a situation when a wrong coupon is provided:

  • When your implementation involves the create order endpoint - the order won’t be created, an error will appear, and the customer won’t be able to buy an offer.
  • When your implementation involves the update an order endpoint - the order will be created, an error message will appear, but the customer will be able to buy an offer (they will be able to add a correct coupon or continue and buy without a discount).



  • When a coupon is automatically applied the free trial is ignored.
  • 100% coupons are not available for seasonal subscriptions.


Good to know

You can use one-click coupons feature for marketing campaigns that offer discounts that are lower than 100%, but then a customer has to enter payment details.

Free offer

You can create a free offer and give the customer access to the content without payment details. To do so use /payments method, as above.

Remember that order should be created with defined paymentMethodId. If the offer is free, it doesn't matter which paymentMethodId you will use.


Free offer - MediaStore SDK


Purchase free offer flowchart



All customer transactions are shown in the Customer Details dashboard. Open the 'Customer Accounts' page on sandbox or production, select customer and check the list of transactions.

Up Next

Congratulations! Now, you're ready to give your customers access to offer without payment details provided.

If you'd like to sell access to paid content too, make sure your payment setup is ready: