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Check our Reference Materials for more details about MediaStore SDKMediaStore SDK - MediaStore SDK consists of components that will empower you to build and design a seamless checkout process, help visitors become subscribers, and then allow you to manage their subscription to your service in an intuitive and trusted manner..


See MediaStore SDK Components Library documentation for more information on the components-based integration.


MediaStore SDK Components Library with ready-to-use components is our latest and most convenient implementation option to be used with ReactJS.

To give you a better picture of what MediaStore SDK Components Library is, imagine a big box with building blocks.

This big box is the MediaStore SDK Components Library, and the building blocks are components.

You want to build a house (in our case a checkout or self-service “My Account”). So you simply pick the building blocks that you need and put them in the places where you want them to.

In this way, you can build your application as you want it.

Functionally, components in MediaStore SDK Library can be grouped into modules, such as Identity Management, Checkout, and My Account. Each module contains components that can be implemented and used independently so you can choose only the ones that you need.

You can implement a Register component that gives your customers the possibility to just register, without the need to purchase. Then customers can use your service to browse the content or play free content. Or you can choose a Purchase component too to embed the purchase functionality.

What is more, you can style your building blocks in the way you want. For more information, see the Styling section.

For more information on the installation and configuration of the MediaStore SDK Components Library, please refer to the MediaStore SDK Package documentation.

List of Components

With MediaStore SDK Components Library you have a set of components at your disposal. Depending on your requirements you can choose and use them independently.

Some of them are basic, small building blocks focusing on one function (e.g. Register), while others comprise a few smaller components (e.g. MyAccount).

MediaStore SDK Functional Module

MediaStore SDK Component

Component's Function

Identity Management


A basic Cleeng registration form


A basic Cleeng login form


A form that can be used for resetting passwords


A form for collecting user data that a broadcaster wants to collect



A component that gives a possibility to buy an offer in the Cleeng system (once a customer is logged in)


A simple form that contains consents that have to be confirmed by a customer

My Account


A big component that includes all features of My Account. It includes the following components: Plan Details, Payment Info, and Update profile

The easiest way for broadcasters who don't want to dive into details. You can just use it "as is" in the context of your app.


A component that lists all subscriptions for a given logged-in customer with an option to cancel or resume subscriptions


A component that shows a list of available switches (upgrade options) for a given subscription


It includes both Subscriptions and Subscription Switches, so you can use it if you want to have both components


It includes the Transaction List component, so if you want to allow a customer both to change his/her payment methods, and be able to check all transactions that took place in the past - this is a component for you


It contains only information about transactions that took place in the past


A component that displays all information about a current customer, and gives the possibility to change that profile information. Customers will also be able to reset their passwords or update consents.

Example Use Case

Let’s take an example where you want to sell subscriptions and let your customers have a very basic self-service “My Account” feature.

See below for the set of components you’d need:

  • Your customers need to register and later on log in to your service: Register and Login
  • They might forget their password, so you need to cater for such a situation with PasswordReset
  • As per formal requirements, consents must be obtained: Checkout Consents
  • Customers want to buy access to your content: Purchase
  • They might want to check what their current subscription plan is and when a given transaction took place: Subscriptions and Transaction List.

Up Next

Now that you know more about MediaStore SDK components, you can go ahead with Purchase Flow or My Account implementation tutorials.

You can also visit MediaStore SDK Package documentation.

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