Payments on Mobile & TV Apps - Intro

Seamless payments on mobile and TV apps (in-app purchases) enrich your portfolio with yet another payment method for your services. Customers can purchase access to your video content directly from inside your native applications. It ensures a frictionless checkout experience without being redirected to the web. It also provides added value to you.

When you enable in-app purchases you gain:

  • multi-access for your users - they can use your services on many devices

  • enhanced reporting for you - all-in-one-place reporting that can support your subscriber retention analytics and strategy building.

Note: ChurnIQ Dashboard relies on in-apps receipts for reporting.

It’s important to note that when you make a purchase through in-apps, Cleeng does not handle your payment. Cleeng acts as an observer and tracks in-app purchase lifecycle events to gather data to make it available for analysis.

The table below shows which in-app purchases Cleeng supports. Choose the one you are interested in and follow to the integration guide.

In-App Purchase ServiceSupported?
Apple iOS & tvOS
Amazon FireTV
Samsung TV [Beta]