My Account (Web) via API


Before you start

Make sure that you have the following configured:


My Account is one of MediaStore SDK features. It allows your subscribers to manage their subscriptions to your service in an intuitive and trusted manner.

Using My Account, your viewers can seamlessly perform different actions, like changing or updating their plans, updating payment methods and their profile details as well as managing consents, which gives them control and a feeling of ownership.

Current Plan setup section offers information on:

  • how to list current subscriptions
  • how to update subscriptions (unsubscribe or resubscribe)
  • how to apply coupons to existing subscriptions
  • how to upgrade or downgrade subscriptions

Payment Information section provides information on:

  • how to show the customer his/her payment details
  • how to update customer payment details
  • how to list customer transactions

User Profile Management section is useful if you want to check:

  • how to fetch and update customer details
  • how to fetch and update customer consents.