Offer Display (Web)

Supported Offers

MediaStore SDK supports the following types of offer:

  • subscriptions,
  • season passes,
  • Live Pay-Per-View,
  • TVOD,
  • offer localizations.

Offer Display - Sample Process

Step 1. Fetch offer details

Fetch details about an offer, such as a title or billing period, using:

In both cases you can pass customerIP as a query param, to fetch offers for a specific location.

Always pass customerIP if you are making the request from the backend, otherwise, you will get the details for your IP!

Step 2. Create an order

Create an order with /orders.
In response, you will get useful information about the potential transaction.

Pay attention to priceBreakdown and totalPrice fields. Price breakdowns give information about discounts, taxes, and fees.

All these values, as well as the total price, should be shown to the customer.

See the example below.


Price breakdown - MediaStore SDK

Step 3. Display an offer

Display an offer with available payment methods.

Step 4. Process an order

To process an order you will need to update the order with the selected payment method ID and if applicable, a coupon code. Here you can find more about paymentMethodId.

Updating an order will require some updates on UI:

  • updating an order with paymentMethodId (when a customer chooses a payment method) may cause changes in price, because some payment methods may have an additional fee
  • updating an order with couponCode (when a customer enters a proper coupon code) will change a price. The applied discount should be shown to a customer.

Offer display flowchart

Up Next

When your offers are all set up and ready, let's move on to checkout implementation.