Getting Started - Overview

Welcome to Cleeng Developer Portal!

Create your ideal OTT platform with frictionless checkout and self-service customer accounts.

Before you begin, make sure you have completed the Quick Start steps.

Choose the implementation method that fits you best:

Approach 1: Components-BasedApproach 2: API-Based
1. Use the MediaStore SDK NPM Package
2. A pre-built solution that lets you embed ready-to-use components in your website
3. Much less building and maintenance work involved
4. Some styling and customization possible
5. Suitable for React.JS apps and Android TV (via web browser). Please note that in the case of Android TV there might be some limitations due to navigation via Remote Control Unit.
1. Use MediaStore SDK API
2. API endpoints that you need to build your own flow and to have full control over it
3. More coding knowledge and development resources are required to implement and maintain
4. A lot of flexibility in customization
5. To be used with any front-end technology

Cleeng Sandbox

The Cleeng Sandbox is a testing environment that allows you to know the main functionalities of Cleeng's production environment. It is also an environment designed to test implementations and functions.

A few key notes:

  • functions in and are the same

  • the sandbox is a separated environment with isolated database

  • your account details, offers, api-keys and transactions are different from your official account

  • the sandbox checkout allows you to apply fake credit cards details in the checkout

  • you can fully play around and try out things, without messing up your main account and your reporting.



Sandbox should NOT be used for load tests. Cleeng production is well tested for large events, but please consult with your account manager on your volume.

Sandbox should NOT be used for testing full sets of data migrations. Please use small batches to check only.

In order to use the sandbox you first need to register a new sandbox account and use the API key as provided in the dashboard of the sandbox environment.

You might want to see the interactive guide below to learn more about the sandbox setup:


The card details that you can use for testing are:

Card number: 5555 4444 3333 1111
Card name: any
Card date: 03 / 2030
CVC: 737



When you start to work on your integration you might want to understand the exact responses from the API first.

For Medistore SDK, you can use the API Console

Go Live Checklist

Cleeng Go Live Checklist is the place to visit both at the beginning of your jouney and once you have completed your integration.

We strongly advise you to consult it when you are starting out to see what is in front of you, what you can expect, and to plan accordingly.

When you have completed integration with Cleeng and you’re almost there to start selling, visit the Go Live Checklist again to make sure all the necesssary tasks are done before launching.