Checkout Implementation (Web)


By now, you should display the offer properly. If not, read our tutorial about Offer Display.

Checkout is a key component: a frictionless checkout process helps visitors become subscribers seamlessly. A smooth and user-friendly checkout experience also plays a part in retaining your subscribers.

Please see the overview of core concepts connected with payments to get ready for payment setup.

When dealing with payments and payment methods, there are a few things that you should be aware of:

Payment Method Id

Each payment method is recognized by its paymentMethodId.

If you want to add a supported payment method (in other words, generate this payment method’s ID), please contact the BSS team.

To fetch your payment methods ids, you can call /payment-methods endpoint.



These values are constant, so once created you can store them for future use. You do NOT need to call the endpoint every time



Remember to always update order with the correct payment Method Id of the method that a customer has chosen.

Please note that using a wrong payment method Id will cause problems with recurring payments (they won't be processed).

Supported payment gateways/method

Payment gateways

Supported Payment GatewaysMORImplementation EffortsIntegration Guide
PayPal Express CleengEasy
AdyenBroadcasterMediumContact our BSS
PayPal Express BroadcasterMediumContact our BSS
AltaPayBroadcasterMediumContact our BSS

Cleeng provides the right ecosystem to connect with many payment gateways. For example, these are payment gateways that we've had integrations with, but the connectors are not actively maintained: Bambora, RazorPay, Stripe, Moneris or PrimeiroPay.

You can add a payment connector to integrate the selected payment gateway with Cleeng. For guidance, please refer to our tutorial: Adding a Payment Connector.

Payment methods

Present all your payment methods to your users. See the MediaStore SDK example below with PayPal and a number of Adyen payment methods.


Supported payment methods - MediaStore SDK

Cleeng MoR

MediaStore SDK supports payments with Adyen and PayPal Express Checkout.
It means that if Cleeng is MoR (Merchant of Record) you can simply call our API for these payments and you don't need to worry about connector configuration.


Merchant of Records - Legal requirements

For Cleeng being MoR, we have a number of legal requirements to fulfill in order to facilitate the payments on behalf of our broadcasters. Hence as per legal requirements, you as a broadcaster need to accept and facilitate the below points to comply with the requirements,

  • Whenever the checkout is triggered, "Powered by Cleeng" should be placed at the bottom of the checkout and be clearly visible to end-users.
  • Cleeng T&C will have to be incorporated in your checkout.

If your checkout fails to meet one of the above said legal requirements, Cleeng reserves all rights to deny the payment transactions on your behalf.

Note: If you wish to have your own MoR (Merchant of Record), please contact our BSS Team, who will help you with the integration process.

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