Amazon FireTV


We need to connect the middleware to Amazon, before proceeding with fireTV application.

In order to do so, please continue with the following steps,

  1. Setting up Amazon account and creating an application.

  2. Adding test products - see the tutorial.

Important notes for setting up products compatible with Cleeng:

  • Item ID (SKU) should be the reference of Cleeng Offer ID example S123123123_US
    Remember to add the SKU from Amazon in the offer setup in the dashboard in order to map the external offer properly in the Cleeng system. For more information, see this article.
  • Use subscription purchasable item for subscriptions for a specific period of time. It means that the application must rely on Cleeng when checking entitlement.
  1. In order to validate receipt Cleeng requires Amazon “Shared Secret”. The shared secret can be found on the Shared Key page for your developer account with the Amazon Appstore link.

You need to deliver the shared secret to our Broadcaster Success Specialists team to enable the Amazon FireTV functionality.

General Amazon IAP FAQ.

Communication with receipt endpoint

For details, see the /amazon/payment endpoint.

Validate Access

Receipt processing is an asynchronous process that may take up to 30 seconds, therefore application needs to poll Cleeng API getAccessStatus() method until the transaction is completed and access is granted.


Validating Access