Check our Reference Materials for more details about MediaStore SDKMediaStore SDK - MediaStore SDK consists of components that will empower you to build and design a seamless checkout process, help visitors become subscribers, and then allow you to manage their subscription to your service in an intuitive and trusted manner..

A customer who doesn't have an account yet needs to be registered.

The registration process involves the following steps:

1. Provide Metadata

To register customers you need to specify:

  • the customer country (to calculate tax),
  • currency,
  • locale (which defines language and text formatting).

To get this data, you can request from the frontend to /locales. This data is defined based on the IP address of the request.

2. Fetch Publisher's Consents

There are two types of consents:

  • terms & conditions (both Cleeng's and the publisher's ones)
  • marketing options (if applicable)

You can manage consents in Admin&Tools -> Capture and fetch them by /publishers/:publisherId/consents

3. Display Registration Form with Consents

The registration form should include at least email and password fields and checkboxes for terms & conditions and marketing options.

You shouldn't register the customer if she/he hasn't accepted the terms and conditions.

4. Register Customer

If the registration form has been completed correctly, the customer can be registered.
To register the customer use: /customers

After successful registration, the server generates JWT and a refresh token.
JWT is used for authorisation to all endpoints.
Thanks to a refresh token, an expired JWT can be replaced with a new JWT.

For more information on a refresh token please refer to the Refresh token section.

Cleeng saves a customer's registration date in the background. You can review this date in Customer Accounts page or by fetching customer data. If a customer has not logged in yet, this date will be also used as the 'last login date'.

5. Update Customer's Consents

After successful registration, submit the selected consents by request to /customers/:customerId/consents.

Registration flowchartRegistration flowchart

Registration flowchart


Registered customers are shown in the 'Customer Accounts' dashboard.

Go to 'Customer Accounts' page on sandbox or production.

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With the registration flow ready, let's move on to the Login section.

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