Adyen Payment Methods Filtering

Payment methods which are presented depend on the country or browser (Drop-in - a user interface element - will automatically hide some methods, e.g. Apple Pay on Chrome, iDEAL in Poland, etc.).

Additionally you can filter them by passing filterPaymentMethods param, e.g. filterPaymentMethods: [‘card’, ‘applepay’, ‘googlepay’]. This is especially useful during the integration phase when a given payment method is enabled in Cleeng but you don’t want to present it to your customers.


You have a card and Apple Pay enabled in the production environment and want to enable iDEAL. To do that, you need to contact the Broadcaster Success Specialists Team (BSS) to add iDEAL in the production environment.

Even when BSS adds (enables) iDEAL, you are able to control if this payment method is presented in the checkout. If you want to hide iDEAL in the production environment, passfilterPaymentMethods: [‘card’, ‘applepay’] to Create Adyen payment session endpoint.

Payment methods and types

The table below shows the supported Adyen payment methods and types that can be used for filtering.

Payment methodType
Apple PayzeroPaymentSupported
Google PayzeroPaymentSupported

Configuration options

By integration with Create Adyen payment session endpoint, you can provide two params:filterPaymentMethods and filterPaymentMethodsByType.

Let's assume that the following payment methods are enabled for you in Cleeng: card, Apple Pay, iDEAL.

See below what results are expected in various cases:

filterPaymentMethodsfilterPaymentMethodsByTypeResult (allowedPaymentMethods *)
nullnullcard, applepay, ideal **
cardzeroPaymentNotSupported404 - payment methods not found
card, applepaynullcard, applepay
nullzeroPaymentSupportedcard, applepay
card, applepay, idealzeroPaymentSupportedcard, applepay
card, applepay, idealzeroPaymentnotSupportedideal
card, applepay, idealnullcard, applepay, ideal

*allowedPaymentMethods array is returned in Create Adyen Payment Session response and is used by Drop-In - a user interface element - to present payment methods.allowedPaymentMethods doesn't mean that these payment methods will always be presented. Drop-in may hide some payment methods, e.g. Apple Pay on Chrome, iDEAL in Poland, etc.

**For transactions for authentication purposes (zero-amount) iDEAL won't be presented in the Drop-in. It will be automatically hidden by the Drop-In, as iDeal doesn't support such transactions.

The last three cases are the most convenient for you - you can pass all payment methods that you want to support and filter by zeroPaymentSupported and zeroPaymentNotSupported payment methods.

Our recommendation:

  • For paid offers - pass only filterPaymentMethods param with all payment methods that you want to present
  • For free offers - create two Drop-ins (see more information here). For each Drop-in, pass filterPaymentMethods param. One Drop-in should have filterPaymentMethodsByType: zeroPaymentSupported and the second one: filterPaymentMethodsByType: zeroPaymentNotSupported

Additionally, in case of free offers, if filterPaymentMethodsByType: zeroPaymentNotSupported then a connector will create a payment session for 0.10 EUR.