Use Cases

Our existing clients have integrated MediaStore SDK into their solutions to improve conversion.

If you would like to have a glimpse at those, please click through the links below:


Our clients

Tennis Channel International [Available only for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland]

Tennis Channel International

Please see below screenshots from Tennis Channel International to give you a quick glance at the product in action.

Step 1: Renowned Registration Form

Registration FormRegistration Form

Registration Form

Step 2: Offer Listing/Display

Offer ListingOffer Listing

Offer Listing

Step 3: Customised Payment screen

Payment ScreenPayment Screen

Payment Screen

Step 4: User signed automatically to consume the content

Additional - Login Screen for returning users


Please see below another example of MediaStore SDK in action - Cinessance implementation.

1. Registration Page



Registration process involves 3 steps:

  • email
  • name
  • password
Registration StepsRegistration Steps

Registration Steps

2. A simple and clear Sign-in Page for returning customers

Sign inSign in

Sign in

3. Checkout - with card and PayPal payment and trial available



4. User-friendly My Account that lets customers see account details, subscriptions, and payment history

My AccountMy Account

My Account

A customer can see his/her active subscriptions, and add subscriptions, too.



Add SubscriptionAdd Subscription

Add Subscription

Please refer to our FAQ if you need more information about the product.
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