Check our Reference Materials for more details about MediaStore SDK.

Customers can be logged in using offerId or publisherId:

  • offerId - use login with offerId if the customer has already chosen an offer
  • publisherId - use publisherId if you want to enable choosing an offer after login.

Call /auths method to log in the customer.

In response, you will get JWT (authorization token), a refresh token and customerToken (you may need customerToken to use other Cleeng APIs).

After logging, you should check consents to make sure that the customer has accepted the latest version. To do so use Fetch customer's consents.

Cleeng saves a customer's last login date in the background. You can review this date in Customer Accounts page or by fetching customer data. It will be set up after registration and updated after each login.


Login flowchart


Single Sign-on

Broadcasters who use MediaStore SDK-based solution (Checkout, My Account) with an external identity management system as the primary identity provider can use the Single Sign-on (SSO) feature.

Now that you've enabled customers to log in, let's provide for the situation when they forget their password.