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Product of Hi5!

Please note that viewer support works only with Hi5 licence. To procure the Hi5 licence, please reach to your Account Manager(AM). If you do not have an AM allotted, kindly reach out to our BSS team


Beta Version

Note that viewer support with the MediaStore SDK is a beta version. We are continuously working to improve and add more functionalities to the existing product portfolio. If you want to have the custom made Viewer Support as shown below, please check with your respective Account Manager.

The viewer support section helps you to take care of your customers; it provides means for them to reach out to you when they encounter specific issues when they are using your service. Yet we offer full flexibilities to make sure that the design is well-aligned with your brand and need.

By leveraging the viewer support section, you will be able to use the following functionalities:

Branded FAQ center

Ensure your customers can find the answers they are looking for.



The chatbox will help your customer find answers in a quicker manner.


Contact form

Customer can submit a request directly from your help center.