Migration Checklist

[DISABLED 02.02.2022 in v2.1]


Check our Reference Materials for more details about MediaStore SDK.


Complete migration is recommended.
We don't recommend partial migration (payments only or my account only) at the moment.

To ease out any difficulties in starting with MediaStore SDK or migrating from any Cleeng existing solutions, we have collected a list of checkpoints that will ensure that you have a smooth migration.

Please choose your options.

🥇 Start from Scratch

  • If you are new to Cleeng, and want to start off with creating frictionless journey for your end user, check out an option to build MediaStore SDK solution from scratch

Learn More ->


Note: MediaStore SDK is an open-source solution. Be aware that you need to develop your application and take care of the hosting part. But good thing is that you will receive a lot of flexibility in return.

🥈 Migration from Cleeng Solutions

  • If you use one of the Cleeng solutions (or) Cleeng Classic Checkout and want to move to MediaStore SDK - Please continue below

Migrate from Classic Checkout

If you consider migrating from the classic checkout to MediaStore SDK, please perform the checks below:

Check 1: Supported Features

MediaStore SDK is our recent release and we are continually investing to shape it better and adding more functionalities day by day. Hence there will be some discrepancies between the features supported between classic checkout and MediaStore SDK. Learn more about it in the Supported Features page.

Check 2: Integration

If you are using classic checkout solution then it is hosted by Cleeng.

MediaStore SDK is not a hosted solution - it is an open-source solution.

Hence, If you decide to migrate to MediaStore SDK, you need to develop your app and take care of the hosting part. But you will receive a lot of flexibility in return.

Check 3: Merchant of Records

  • If Cleeng is your Merchant of Records, then it's easy to set up the payments through Mediastore SDK.

Since, MediaStore SDK supports payments via Adyen or PayPal Express Checkout with Cleeng as Merchant of Records.

  • If Cleeng is not your Merchant of Records

MediaStore SDK provides endpoint for PayPal v.1 payments. Integration with another version will require additional development on your side. Please contact our BSS Team for more information on this part.

Check 4: Payment Gateway

MediaStore SDK supports payments via Adyen or PayPal Express Checkout with Cleeng being Merchant of Records.

If you use other payment gateways, please contact our friendly BSS Team.

Check 5: Limitations

  • Social Login
    If you use social login in classic checkout, please note that this method is NOT YET supported in MediaStore SDK.

  • Authorization
    Classic checkout and MediaStore SDK use different authorization methods.

    If you decide to combine parts of classic checkout with parts of MediaStore SDK solution (not recommended), your clients will need to log in to each one separately.


Contact Details

In case you need more clarification on any of the setup, contact our BSS Team

If you need to submit any new feature request with MediaStore SDK, use the same link as above and choose feature request in the dropdown.